Amphotericin B from Streptomyces sp. Sigma-Aldrich

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Biochem/physiol Actions: Amphotericin B binds to sterols, forming pores in the membrane, and causing small molecules to leak out. The product is most effective against fungi and yeast

Caution: Amphotericin B remains active for 3 days in culture at 37°C. At -20°C, and with protection from air and light, the product remains active for 5 years

Preparation Note: Amphotericin B is insoluble in water at pH 6 to 7, but soluble in water at pH 2 or 11. It is soluble in DMSO (30-40 mg/mL) and in dimethylformamide (2-4 mg/mL). Aqueous solutions cannot be sterile filtered due to poor solubility

Application: Amphotericin B is used to study the affects of the influx of calcium on antifungal activity, and to study the binding and kinetics of Amphotericin B to sterols in monolayers, aqueous solutions, and phospholipid bilayers. It is also commonly used in tissue culture as an antifungal supplement

Amphotericin B from Streptomyces sp. has been used

• for amphotericin perforated patch technique
• as a reference antifungal drug during MIC (minimum inhibitory concentration) agar dilution assay
• as a component of Arcobacter selective isolation broth
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