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PCR Master mix 2x - 80Tests/25ul | سیناکلون

PCR Master mix 2x - 80Tests/25ul | سیناکلون

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PCR Master mix 2x - 80Tests/25ul | سیناکلون MM2061

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Reddy 2X PCR Master Mix is an optimized premixed with 2X concentrated solutions of Taq DNA polymerase, reaction buffer, MgCl2 and dNTPs

Reddy 2X PCR Master Mix contains all components for PCR, except DNA template and primers

Reddy to load PCR master mix is ready to load mix with RED loading dye which compatible with PCR and all downstream applications so the it allows for direct loading of PCR products in gel

Composition of 1X solution: 0.5 M Tris-HCl, , 1.5 mM MgCl2 – 200 μM dATP, 200 μM dCTP, 200 μM dGTP and 200 μM dTTP and 0.04 Units/ul Taq

Generated PCR products would have 3´ single A-over-hang products and can be used for TA cloning. This mix supplied with distilled water and it is sufficient for 80 amplification reaction of 25μl

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